Why ECAT ?

ECAT is an international, skill-based competition that evaluates and enhances ten fundamental English skills, ensuring your child builds a solid foundation in the language.

Focusing on practical application of knowledge and skills, ECAT equips your child to compete and win at school, national and international-level English competitions. With international benchmarks, ECAT serves as a valuable stepping stone for success in exams like IELTS and TOEFL.

ECAT Provides

  • A comprehensive curriculum developed by subject matter experts.
  • Awards and recognition for 1000+ students in each grade.
  • Advancing levels of competition for a competitive spirit.
  • Student-friendly study material.
  • Detailed Performance Assessment Reports to assess skills.
  • Online practice portal.


Benefits for Students

  • Exposure to syllabi beyond their school curriculum.
  • Identify areas of strengths, weaknesses & areas of improvement
  • Skill-wise analysis of performance to enhance subject skills
  • Two free online practice papers
  • Two levels of competition to showcase improved performance
  • Study material for preparation
  • Academic Improvement
  • Awards & Recognition

Benefits for Parents

  • Detailed Performance Assessment Report (PAR) to get deeper insights into your child’s skills. 
  • Easy to understand study material and availability of online practice papers. 
  • International recognition and awards for your child. 
  • A means to stay updated with your child’s progress in the subject. 
  • A second chance for your child to excel by means of two competitive rounds. 
  • Exams conducted in the child’s school. 

Exam Format

Assessment round:

Students of Grade 2nd to 8th can participate.

Students scoring 50% & above in the Assessment Round will qualify for the Grand Finale; all other students will receive a participation certificate.

Exam Date:

For Schools: August / September / October 2024 (Exact Date will be announced by the school)

Exam Mode: Offline (In your school)

Grand Finale:

Students scoring 50% & above in Assessment Round will be qualified for Grand Finale. 

In Grand Finale, there will be an additional 0.5 Negative Marking for every wrong answer. 

Exam Date: 

For Schools: January / February 2025 (Exact Date will be announced by the school) 

Exam Mode: Offline (In your school) 

Pattern Of ECAT

60 mins - std 2 & 3 - 40 questions - 80 marks ‎

‎ 60 mins - std 4 to std 8 - 50 questions - 100 marks

Computerized result generation

Multiple choice questions

Negative marking at grand finale

Offline paper/ Pencil exam for students registered through school

Online proctored exam for individuals students only

Skills assessed

  • Application of Functional Grammar
  • Correct Usage & Concept Application
  • Word Building & Spelling
  • Vocabulary in Different Contexts
  • Identifying The Theme or Purpose of The Passage
  • Inferring and Identifying Implied Ideas
  • Reasoning Ability & Deducing
  • Appreciating Poetry & Poetic Ideas
  • Extracting Information & Direct Facts
  • Punctuation & Sentence Formation


Grammar Master

A comprehensive guide for mastering Formal & Functional Grammar.


Set of 6 Assessment papers to gain Advantage in ECAT Examination

Comprehension Master

varieties of interactive comprehension texts.

Grammar Buzz

Interactive Grammar Workbooks with integration of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Vocabulary Master

An excellent book for building and expanding students' vocabulary.

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