About Us

NELTAS is a Leading Education and Innovation Company focused on language learning and enhancement with research based curriculum, training and assessment. We offer intensive English programs that prepare students for using English in the real world and conduct skill based English Assessment to monitor the student's progress. In addition to this, we also offer teacher training courses for undergraduates/teachers/ professionals who wish to improve their level of English proficiency and aspire to teaching English through modern language pedagogy.


What We Do

We intend to create opportunities for learners to master their academic and functional language skills through communicative methods. Our centres across Mumbai provide a range of specialized skill-based English Enhancement programmes and young learner courses. In addition to this, we have partnered through various schools across India to conduct large scale language assessment and provide need-based language learning solutions. Our curriculum is based on the latest research on the kinds of listening/speaking, reading and writing that students need to achieve their academic and professional goals. Our staff works enthusiastically with school team to integrate this curriculum in their school.

Our Vision

Empowering every individual across the globe by providing access to quality education to enable them develop their skills and live fulfilled and joyful life.

Our Mission

Creating global educators and developing effective educational tools to impart excellent education


our Founders

Tapan Gosar
Co - Founder

Tapan Gosar Co - Founder

A management professional with keen enthusiasm and passion for English Language Teaching and Assessment. Tapan is also, a Research Scholar who has conducted extensive research in the field of Teaching Pedagogies. Surveyed almost 300 schools a year, met Principals, HODs, and teachers and documented the problems they faced while teaching.

Founder and owner at institute NELTAS which is based on Common Core Curriculum to enhance proficiency in English language skills among ESL students, teachers and parents. He has built an efficient team who manages product roadmaps for all new product creation and existing product updates.

Vikram Shah Co - Founder

Graduated in Bachelors of Commerce, Mr. Vikram Shah has an experience of 16 years in the Education domain. He has worked with everything right from coaching institutes to pre-schools to schools. He has done his schooling from vernacular medium and the challenges he faced there made him think about drawing a vision to make every child proficient in English Language; With that NELTAS Vision became his Passion.

His core interest is in Business Strategy, Marketing and Information Technology. He is very keen in exploring about people management and human psychology. At NELTAS his forte is in taking care of business strategy and expansion along with marketing and generating online business. He is a good listener and also loves to talk to people and motivate them using his inter-personal skills. He believes that Motivation without Execution is just waste of time. His vision is to make NELTAS a 5000 employee institution.

Vikram Shah
Co - Founder